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RealMix offers a vide range of services from helping you to setup a bar, organize a party, run a bar at the exhibitions, train your staff, check on your staff and much more.

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Our highly motivated professional bartenders, are willing and able to provide help and advice on all bar and bartending matters.

All relevant worldwide opportunities will be considered, with a consistent & guaranteed level of performance. Our rates are very competitive for all work undertaken, and are individual to the client and circumstances. For this reason we are not prepared to give any quotes, until all the specific details have been obtained.

If required, an estimate can be given in response to an enquiry, but is not binding in any way on either party.
We retain the right to change our rates at any time prior to the conclusion of the agreement, or when a new agreement of the same type is being discussed.
If you believe that you can benefit from our years of experience, in this exciting & innovative environment, please don't hesitate to contact us, via e-mail, stating your company, contact name, number, and an outline of your requirements.

Deposts will be required for all work undertaken.

In addition, we can offer advice & guidance on a wide range of bar & catering queries, with solutions which will enable your business to continue its forward motion.
Within this easy to use arena, RealMix will supply full depth direction and will assist you to create the perfect environment to surpass you and your customer expectations.